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Hire a successful criminal defense attorney in Bloomfield Hills, MI, to fight for you

The judicial system can easily forget that everyone makes mistakes and you’re innocent until proven guilty. Choose Somberg Zielinski, PLLC to protect you against your misdemeanor or felony charge including DUI charges. Our attorney not only specializes in criminal defense, but also represents clients in auto accidents and assists with no-fault insurance claims and wrongful death cases.

Somberg Zielinski, PLLC has effectively represented numerous clients in the Bloomfield Hills area. Call 248-270-5979 now to schedule an appointment.

Our attorney isn't afraid to take your case to trial

Whether you’ve been charged with misdemeanor DUI or felony drug possession, you’ll find a meticulous, ambitious criminal defense attorney at Somberg Law, PLLC in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Before going to trial, we’ll analyze every fact in your case, looking for discrepancies in police reports and other pertinent information.

Somberg Law, PLLC is the choice legal firm in the Bloomfield Hills area for help with misdemeanor and felony:

Drug possession
Assault with a deadly weapon
Aggravated assault

Bring your criminal case to the trusted defense attorney at Somberg Law, PLLC as soon as possible.

No-fault insurance doesn't mean no-hassle filing

Michigan is one of the few states with a no-fault insurance system. This means that both parties receive compensation for lost income and medical treatment, regardless of who caused the accident. But, filing a no-fault claim with your insurance can be confusing and you could end up getting less money than you deserve.

Count on Somberg Law, PLLC in Birmingham, MI, to help you with the laws surrounding no-fault insurance. Call 248-270-5979 now to schedule an appointment.

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Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards!

Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards!